Altar of plagues - tides - The Day the Sun Stood Still--Joshua s Long Day.Page 35

PART I--YOUTH AND CHANGE Love Enthroned I marked all kindred Powers the heart finds fair:-- Truth, with awed lips; and Hope, with eyes upcast; And Fame, whose loud wings fan the ashen Past To signal-fires, Oblivion's flight to scare; And Youth, with still some single golden hair Unto his shoulder clinging, since the last Embrace wherein two sweet arms held him fast; And Life, still wreathing flowers for Death to wear. Love's throne was not with these; but far above All passionate wind of welcome and farewell He sat in breathless bowers they dream not of; Though Truth foreknow Love's heart, and Hope foretell, And Fame be for Love's sake desirable, And Youth be dear, and Life be sweet to Love.

Altar Of Plagues - TidesAltar Of Plagues - TidesAltar Of Plagues - TidesAltar Of Plagues - Tides