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The music video was directed by Kostas Kapetanidis . The video is shot over six scenes, with Vandi changing outfits a total of seven times. The video begins with a flash of Vandi's logo, while she can be faintly seen in a red bikini through translucent glass of a sauna; the same shot was used to create the cover of the single. The video returns to this scene numerous times throughout, sometimes with other females appearing in the shot and sometimes with Vandi and a male. It also features Vandi and friends sitting around and later dancing at a club, and on a boat, while there are a further two scenes of Vandi singing alone in front of a background, one of which she appears on top of a motorcycle. During the climax of the song, Vandi punches through glass with her bare fist.

Notis Sfakianakis was born in Iraklion, Crete. From 1976 until 1984 he worked as a DJ at local clubs and disco's. In 1985 he opened up his own place that played live music, there Notis sang for the first time professionally and he also plays the drums. A little while later, in August'85 he was offered to work at a local night club and his professional career as a singer began. Notis Sfankianakis and his family moved to the island… read more

As Australia has the second largest Greek population outside of Athens, the mastermind behind Juggernaut Entertainment saw the need to provide the community with a piece of Greece by bringing these talented artists to Australia to perform. Juggernaut is a Melbourne based company, arranging Greek concerts all over Australia.

Not at all seldom, Sfakianakis' interviews to the press are always memorable and controversial for he has a reputation for being very outspoken and uses the press to air his opinions on various matters. When he has appeared on live television, he has drawn praise and criticism in equal measure - on the one hand, some have praised his disarming honesty and applauded him for addressing hard-hitting issues. On the other hand, he has been heavily criticised for being argumentative and confrontational; some critics claim he lacks the capacity to be diplomatic.

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Notis Sfakianakis - Νύκτες... ΜαγικέςNotis Sfakianakis - Νύκτες... ΜαγικέςNotis Sfakianakis - Νύκτες... ΜαγικέςNotis Sfakianakis - Νύκτες... Μαγικές